For Desktops and Laptops – standard sites –  Retargeting

Creative requirements

All ads that run on our platform are audited to meet relevant legal requirements as well as the rules of common sense and decency.

Popular sizes: 728x90, 300x250, 160x600

Limit initial load size to 40 KB or less

Limit animation to 30 seconds

Limit animation to 3 loops max

Use standard click variable clickTAG

1 pixel colored border required

Avoid auto-initiated audio

No auto-expansion or page takeovers

Flash Player Version 8 or lower is ideal

Compile Flash ads in ActionScript 2 or 3

Do not serve blanks


For Facebook

Right-Hand Side Facebook Ad Requirements:

·  Images must have an aspect ratio of 1.91:1.

·  Recommended size is 600x315.

·  Minimum acceptable size is 254x133. 

·  Facebook will render these creatives at 254x133. 

·  must be 99x72 pixels, can be a .gif, .jpg or .png

·  Title can be a maximum of 25 characters

·  Body test can be a maximum of 90 characters